Parenting Education Course Outline: 

  1. The Challenge of Being A Parent
  2. Parenting Styles: What is Yours?
  3. Replacing Stress With Peace
  4. Building Family Strengths (includes the Power Wheel- Love and Caring For Your Children)
  5. Being Understanding: A Key to Developing Healthy Children
  6. Communication: Building A Strong Bridge Between You and Your Children
  7. Positive Parenting Skills
  8. Meeting Children’s Needs
  9. Building A Positive Relationship With Your Child
  10. Sending Messages of Love
  11. Am I Spoiling My Child?
  12. Helping Your Children Behave
  13. Discipline and Punishment (includes the Violence Wheel)
  14. Enjoying Each Child As An Individual
  15. Step-parenting
  16. Raising Teens Ages 13 thru 19

The top 12 Topics- trust, boundaries, attending parties, relationships, birth control, alcoholism, drugs, avoiding arguments, bullies, violence, responsibility and acceptance.