Jim Rishel was born into a military family that moved to Europe when he was 6 months old. There he learned Hungarian as his first language. His father was in the Air Force, which meant many years of relocation for the family.

Jim followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Air Force, followed by Junior College where he completed his first degree in business administration. He worked nights and raised a family, all the while staying very ambitious. Unable to sleep much during that time, Jim learned meditation and through hypnosis, he learned to power nap to gather enough hours to accomplish everything he needed to do.

That opened the fantastic exploration of the mind and what extraordinary power it controls. Jim definitely is a seeker and figured out his calling was the ability to guide and train others in the work he was doing. 

In his 50’s he earned his private pilot license, three doctorates, and started teaching and facilitating changes in those that needed his help. The doctor of naturopath designation came about while working with a group of doctors at White Memorial Hospital, where he was the hypnosis specialist.

This group of doctors was a very impressive group that knew Eastern and Western medicine inside and out. From acupuncturists to naturopaths, they had all bases covered. They were instrumental in helping Jim obtain his own doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

Additionally, during his 50’s, Jim became a T.A.T. practitioner and trainer, giving him the last modality in his skill set of tools to help others make positive changes in life. Now, he feels like a Swiss Army knife, a blade for every situation.

Currently, Jim Rishel is the owner of two offices, one in Houston Texas, called Spring Counseling Center and A-1 Counseling Center in Northridge, California.They have eight programs in Texas that they’ve created for Harris County.

In the Northridge center, we do Batterers Intervention, Victims Advocacy through Dr. Kathie Mathis, Anger management, Parenting skills, Cognitive education, Drug and Alcoholic counseling, Tapas Acupressure Technique and training, and an Aids Awareness program.